Saturday, August 18, 2018

Sunday Story…Unmoored

So I have been cast off from my normal docking station. My schedule has followed an extremely disciplined and rigid daily form for the last several years.

On one hand, it is a pleasant change, like discovering a hidden restaurant in your neighborhood or a special little shop. On the other it is disconcerting and a bit frightening, like being plopped down in a vaguely familiar landscape but with no map or GPS to help orientate you. Where do you go, how do you find your way, and what do you do first and then second?

Lots of people have asked about my current schedule and when or if I will start training for the games again. Sadly, I won’t be training for the games in 2019. There are several reasons for this. Allow me to iterate some of them:

I’m injured. My rotator cuff is torn, my biceps tendon is ruptured and my knee doesn’t function properly. I need to get all of these things taken care of. Between the rehab and the downtime, there won’t be enough training time to be in the kind of shape needed to perform at the highest level.

I’m tired. I have spent the last 6 years or so in pursuit of the highest level of fitness. I started this journey (technically) way back in 2003 or 4 when I joined the Ultimate Black Belt Test. We were tasked to get in the best shape of our lives. That sent me on a quest to define and refine my fitness. The last 5 years have been the culmination of that journey. And now I am ready to dial it back and reflect on the trip.

I’ve got other stuff to do! Lately, I have been feeling the pull to expand myself…in writing, providing content, coaching and other things. It was too hard to do these other things and train 2-4 hours a day along with the requisite recovery and rejuvenation. Look for new and exciting things soon (besides hanging weight belts up!)

So I will be allowing my boat to drift a little and then start moving once I figure out what the 1st next thing is!

John Mariotti

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Sunday Story…Thanks!

It’s over…a week in Madison for the CrossFit games. A week of competing against the other 19 best 60 plus fittest men in the world. A week of hobnobbing with some of the fittest people on earth. A week of basking in recognition and congratulations.

As I said before, if I could just get through Sunday intact I would notch that as a win. So I did and I shall. I finished 13th. It was obvious that there were certain things that really impacted by my injuries but there were a couple that weren’t…I took 2nd on the swim workout and the handstand workout. Those were my performance highlights.

The highlight of the whole experience, however, was the opening ceremony on Thursday night. Walking through the crowd to high fives and cheers and then into the Coliseum, packed with people yelling and screaming gave me goose bumps. It was an amazing experience that was unequaled in my experience.

I want to Thank everyone who helped get me here. Unfortunately, that list is very long and I wouldn’t want to forget many of you. Everyone who put their name on our 2018 shirts…I thank you for your financial support. All of you who support our box financially I also want to thank profusely. Without you, I couldn’t do what I have done for the last 5 years.

Now I am off to heal. To paraphrase an old saying…before the CrossFit games chop wood, carry water; After the CrossFit games chop wood, carry water. In other words, we keep doing what we need to do to have life work.

John Mariotti

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Sunday Story…Game day

It’s time…Gameday is upon me. Up until now, I have been so unexcited to go to Madison. Partly because my injury profile is currently off the charts and partly because I just don’t feel ready.

And now none of that matters. 3 days from now the bell will go off and it will be ON. The chips will fall where they fall. We have had a couple pronouncements of the first 2 days of workouts. I can feel my excitement and anticipation building. My body is feeling better than it has in weeks, maybe months. The work has been done that can be done, and now it’s time to put the head down and get to the finish line.

As I go into this competition my thought process has been vastly different than the past 2 times.
The first time I was wondrous, a bit shell-shocked that I actually made it (#20!) and had no idea what to expect.
The second time I felt confident, having fought through a couple injuries requiring surgery (I was #2) and was really looking forward to showing up and performing.
This time is different. I am, in many ways, broken. Although I qualified #9 I know that any workout could be my last and that includes the ones I will do this afternoon and tomorrow.
The first time was an emotional battle. Did I belong? Could I compete? Was I good enough, tough enough, strong enough?
The second time was a physical battle. Would my strength and endurance be enough? Could I leave a full effort on the field of play?
This time…this time is a mental battle. Can I will it? Can I be smart enough to finish? Can my mental fortitude and perseverance win out over the weakness of the flesh?

Ask me on Sunday…and watch starting Wednesday 08/01 at

John Mariotti

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Sunday Story…The Wild Ride

So you’ve picked the low hanging fruit…you did a couple simple little things, it wasn’t too hard to do and you got really good results. Now what?

We need to move a little further up the tree. We need to look at where we want to go and make a plan. This isn’t going to be as easy, maybe not as hard getting the really tough fruit from the top of the tree but still hard.

I may need some specialized equipment as just standing around isn’t going to get this job done. I am definitely going to need a plan of attack. This job isn’t going to happen with a willy-nilly, mud on the wall approach. The plan needs to be solid in both planning and execution. I may need to get some expert help. I will need to attack the goal in a two or three-pronged approach. We want to be both efficient and effective. You will need to change some of the ways you have approached the job up to now. That’s why you need expert help…someone or a team of someone’s who has been there and done that.

Are you ready? Are you mentally ready to attack this new task? Get your ducks in a row and hang on for the ride. It’s going to be wild, fun but wild!

John Mariotti

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Story…Picking the

Low hanging fruit.

This principle is probably the easiest to implement and yields the quickest results. Way back when I was a teen I made money every summer picking fruit. The easiest and best money (we got paid by the pound) to be made was standing on the ground and picking all the fruit you could easily reach. This only makes sense right?

The same principle applies in the world of nutrition or exercise…find the one or two things you can do easily that will give you the fastest and most noticeable results. Here’s a couple of examples:
If you drink alcohol every night, try going to every other night. The extra calories will be saved and your body will begin to alleviate some of the toxic overloads.
In the gym, if you show up twice a week make it 3 times a week. If you do that you will be increasing your results exponentially. Neither of those things is particularly hard nor are do they require any special training or tools.

Once you pick the low hanging fruit you can start moving up the ladder to the parts of the tree that are more difficult or require special tools to accomplish.

Low hanging fruit…easy and simple.

John Mariotti

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Sunday Story…Doing it Wisely

I have been telling you to Eat Real Food for years. Most of you eat pretty well. Most of you understand the basic principles of nutrition and eating.

And most of us are still not happy with the results our eating plans give us. We might find a temporary “magic pill” but when the temporary goes and the pill wears off things go back to where they were before we started. This is not what we want.

We want a plan that is sustainable, easy to implement, life-enhancing and works. Wiser is what we want. We get wiser when we use all the tools and data available to us. Any other method is just trial and error…and isn’t that what you have been doing all this time up to now?

Wiser isn’t necessarily easier in the beginning but it is smarter. Wiser may take a little longer in the beginning. Wiser may look like a bigger mountain to start with but when you reach the top the ride down is so much better. Or you can keep climbing the same hill over and over again.

Start collecting data. Get an expert on your side. Make a wiser plan. Follow that plan. Pat yourself on the back for doing it wisely…finally.

John Mariotti

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Sunday Story…When I need

Something done right I hire an expert.
Many years ago I owned an old pickup truck. You know the kind…an oil change took about 10 minutes, you could change out the alternator or starter in nothing flat with a couple tools and about $50.00. I decided I wanted to rebuild the carburetor so I went to the store, bought a kit and took it home. I opened the box, took one look at the blow up diagram and put it all back in the box. There was no way I was going to even attempt that project. These days I don’t attempt anything on my car. It goes to an expert.

When something breaks on my body, I don’t go to the internet or WebMD or try to guess the problem, I go to an expert…a doctor. Some who has expertise in fixing or diagnosing my issue. It only makes sense. Their knowledge base is way past anything I will ever have.

Yet after all these years of trying and failing to get your diet and nutrition right, you still haven’t hired an expert. Or maybe after trying to get in shape reading magazines, taking this piece or that piece of advice from some “guru” you find yourself in pretty much the same place as when you started.

Of course, it does no good to take your car to the shop and not let the expert fix it. The same holds true of your body. You should hire the people you know and trust who are already enrolled in your success.

I wonder where I might find them?

John Mariotti